Radio Kaos

[Roger Waters]
CD Ref.: Columbia CK-40795
N. CDs: 1


1. Radio Waves (Waters) info
2. Who Needs Information? (Waters) info
3. Me Or Him (Waters) info
4. The Powers That Be (Waters) info
5. Sunset Strip (Waters) info
6. Home (Waters) info
7. Four Minutes (Waters) info
8. The Tide Is Turning (After Live Aid) (Waters) info


Released: June 15, 1987
Recorded: October - December, 1986
Produced by: Ian Ritchie, Nick Griffiths and Roger Waters
Engineered by: Chris Sheldon
Cover Design by: Kate Hepburn and Pearce Marchbank
Label: Columbia CK-40795

Radio Waves {Waters} (4:58)
Who Needs Information {Waters} (5:55)
Me Or Him {Waters} (5:24)
The Powers That Be {Waters} (4:36)
Sunset Strip {Waters} (4:46)
Home {Waters} (6:00)
Four Minutes {Waters} (4:00)
The Tide Is Turning (After Live Aid) {Waters} (5:44)
Total playing time 41:25

Roger Waters And The Bleeding Heart Band
Roger Waters - vocals, guitars, bass, the odd keyboard,
including the shakuhachi on "Me or Him"
Andy Fairweather-Low, Jay Stapley - electric guitars
Mel Collins - saxophones
Ian Ritchie - Fairlight programming, drum programming, piano, keyboards, tenor saxophone on "Who Needs Information", "Powers That Be", and "Sunset Strip"
Graham Broad - drums, percussion
John Linwood - drums on "Powers That Be"
Nick Glenny-Smith - DX7 and Emu on "Powers That Be", including the great bass line
Matt Irving - Hammond organ on "Powers That Be"
Paul Carrack - guest vocal on "Powers That Be"
Clare Torry - guest vocals on "Home" and "Four Minutes"
Suzanne Rhatigan - main backing vocals on "Radio Waves", "Me Or Him",
"Sunset Strip", and "The Tide Is Turning"
Kate Kissoon, Doreen Chanter, Madeline Bell, Steve Langer, Vicky Brown - backing vocals on "Who Needs Information", "Powers That Be", and "Radio Waves"
John Phirkell - trumpet on "Who Needs Information",
"Powers That Be", and "Sunset Strip"
Peter Thoms - trombone on "Who Needs Information",
"Powers That Be", and "Sunset Strip"
The Pontardoulais Male Voice Choir, led by Noel Davis / arranged by Eric Jones

The Characters
Jim Ladd - Jim
Andy Quigley - the "Forgive me, Father" speech
Shelly Ladd - California weirdo: Monkey and Dog lady
Jack Snyder - California weirdo: Guppy
Ron Weldy - California weirdo: I don't like fish
J.J. Jackson - California weirdo: Flounder
Jim Rogers - California weirdo: Doesn't like fish, marine fish
John Taylor - California weirdo: Shellfish Shrimp Crab Lobster
Stuart, the spaniel - played Uncle David's Great Dane, with the help of
an AKAI 900 sampler and a DX7 to make him sound bigger
BBC Master computer - Billy
Harry & India Waters - children in the garden