Hand of Fate

CD Ref.: ROTA 05 Rotation
CD Date: 1993
N. CDs: 1
Live Bootleg


01. Echoes (Waters, Wright, Mason, Gilmour) info
02. Signs of Life info
03. Learning To Fly (Gilmour, Moore, Ezrin, Carin) info
04. Yet Another Movie (Gilmour, Leonard) info
(Yet Another Movie-Round And Around)
05. A New Machine - Part I info
06. Terminal Frost info
07. A New Machine - Part II info
08. Sorrow (Gilmour) info
09. The Dogs Of War (Gilmour, Moore) info
10. On The Turning Away (Gilmour, Moore) info


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Format: CD
Catalog: ROTA 05 Rotation
Misc.: GEMA
Produced: 1993
Date: 870919
Cover: Insert: Front - pair of hands holding head of statue; Reverse - view of Earth and Moon from Earth orbit with playlist overlay. Tray liner: Pair of hands holding head of statue (image processed); playlist and source info.
Sources: 19 Sep 1987, JFK Stadium in Philadelphia.
Echoes (intro missing) 18:23
Signs of Life 4:54
Learning to Fly 5:51
Yet Another Movie/Round and Around 8:46
New Machine Pt. I 1:41
Terminal Frost 6:03
New Machine Pt. II 0:35
Sorrow (edit during intro) 7:15
Dogs of War 8:19
On the Turning Away 9:20
Rick Wright
Nick Mason
David Gilmour
Guy Pratt Bass Margret Taylor Backing Vocals
Jon Carin Keyboards Rachel Fury Backing Vocals
Tim Renwick Guitar
Gary Wallis Percussion
Scott Page Saxophones/guitar
Comments: It has the entire first set of the concert, INCLUDING ECHOES! Actually, Echoes is faded in during the first verse. Otherwise, its complete. Gilmour talks to the crowd a little, too. Sound quality is decent for the most part.
I think the tape speed may be a little slow, unfortunately. Either that or they're playing a bit slower because it was early in the tour and the new version of the Floyd hadn't quite jelled yet. Also, there is a tape hiss throughout the disc. -ANONYMOUS
Massive tape hiss and a lousy recording. Much better versions of this are being circulated in tape trader's circles. Avoid this one like the plague. -LIVE MUSIC REVIEW
Sound quality could be better. It's clearly a soundboard source (presumably the one referred to in "Journey Through Time & Space With PF"), but unfortunately of very high generation - the tape hiss is overwhelming in places. - THE HEDONIST
Sound quality is acceptable, but unfortunately, Echoes is cut off at the beginning; it starts at the beginning of the second verse, and there is a one-second "clip" at the end of the song. Otherwise a good CD, though, especially in light of the fact that this contains the only Echoes on CD I have seen from the 1987 tour. (It was not played in 1988 or 1989.) -ECM
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