Tonite Let's All Make Love In London

CD Date: 1990
N. CDs: 1


1. Interstellar Overdrive (Barrett, Waters, Wright, Mason) info lyrics
2. Nick's Boogie info lyrics
3. David Hockney's Interview info
4. Lee Marvin's Interview info


1. Interstellar Overdrive (Barrett, Waters, Wright, Mason) tracks


2. Nick's Boogie tracks



Release date: 1968
This mini LP contains highlights from Peter Whitehead's classic Sixties film "Tonite Let's All Make Love In London" a time-capsule of the life and music of the swinging sixties filmed in and around London by Whitehead and released as a feature film and a soundtrack album. The movie gets its title from a poem of the same name by Alan Ginsberg.
The Pink Floyd classic "Interstellar Overdrive" and "Nick's Boogie" are the first known recordings by the group and were recorded specially for the film prior to their signing with EMI Records and subsequently achieving world wide acclaim. These recordings show just how progressive and inventive they were. Actually, the band recorded the "Interstellar Overdrive" in the first take and had some studio time left already paid for, so they played a spontaneous jam which they later called "Nick's Boggie".
There are highlights of a marvellously tongue in cheek interview with David Hockney, Then one of Britain's new modern painters. Then there is an interview with a slightly bemused Lee Marvin talking to Peter about the new sensation the Mini Car and the Mini Skirt.
In fact, there are two full soundtraks - one with bits and pieces of Floyd performing, and the other one with the complete "Interstellar Overdrive" (called the "Ultimate Version"). There are also a "Mini-Promo" soundtrack, with the complete version of it and "Nick's Boogie", as listed above.

Tracks (these are only the Floyd songs, among the other ones):
Interstellar Overdrive (Barrett, Waters, Wright, Mason)
[16:46] Instrumental.
Nick's Boogie (Mason, Barret, Waters, Wright)
[11:50] Instrumental.

Musicians Featured:
Syd Barrett: Guitar, Vocals
Nick Mason: Drums
Roger Waters: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Rick Wright: Keyboards, Vocals:

These are all instrumental songs, so there aren't any lyrics for them.