Stranger than Fiction

Si leéis las referencias que vienen a continuación, las pistas están
remasterizadas de vinilo, por lo que se oyen chasquidos que aparecen también en
el Cd. NO son errores de rippeo.


Format: CD

Catalog: VFM 430318 (I guess!!) Value For Money-Records

Misc.: SACEM/GEMA, UPC code 4-007875-459502

Produced: 1995, Germany

Date: 68-72

Cover: INSERT: Folded; blank inside. Front has artist's impression of Saturn
viewed from one of its moons with the words "PINK FLOYD" and "STRANGER THAN
FICTION." Rear has a fantasy landscape in a circular panel on a tan field.
Landscape looks like badlands beneath a sky filled with unidentifiable objects.
TRAY LINER: Blue tinted and altered stage photo of Dave on a black field;
tracklist and source info. and the words "THE ULTIMATE PINK FLOYD COLLECTION
(1968-1972)." Also printed is: "Distributed by Syd Barrett in a Purple Flying
Saucer, made from the wreck of Marc Bolan's Mini," accompanied by a small photo
of Syd. CD: Black laquered with the words of the CD title given in separate
yellow boxes. There is also an image of the band which looks like it might have
been an attempt at a hologram (didn't work). Matrix no. is scratched out.

Sources: 1968- 15 Nov 72 Various European locations from Feb. '68 to 15-11-72



1. Corrosion 8:32
2. Pink Blues 5:46
3. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 10:49
4. Interstellar Overdrive 6:30
5. Atom Heart Mother 15:44
6. One Of These Days 8:41
7. Breathe/On The Run 11:01 (!)
8. Obscured By Clouds 5:04
9. Brain Damage/Eclipse 5:31
Total Time 77:40

Roger Waters
David Gilmour
Rick Wright
Nick Mason


Quality: VG/VG- - OSCAR

Comments: 8,9 - These two tracks are not listed on the cover!!

The cover states the following about the tracks: Corrosion: Royal Albert Hall,
6/2/72. PB: Stadthalle Offenbach, 26.2.71 CWTA,E: Kralingen Pop Festival
28/6-70. This track was not included on the Kralingen-Sampler of early 70's
fame. IO: Rome, February 1968 AHM: Gemersheim, 21/5/72 OOTD: Germersheim,
21/5/72 Bre/OTR: Boeblingen, 15/11/72, a very rare version which was only
performed a few times. OBC and BD/Eclipse: ????? (Does anyone know??)

Can anyone confirm these dates?

As you might expect soundquality differs, but this is how I rate the tracks:

Cor, PB, CWTA,E: VG AHM, OOTD, Bre/OTR, OBC, BD/Eclipse: VG+

All tracks have been mastered from vinyl, so some hiss and pops occur. Sound is
a little bit thin, but all the versions are GREAT! Maybe I'm hardcore, but I
like this one... - OSCAR

With respect to Bre/OTR: Boeblingen, the length is long enough to make it the
Boeblingen show. As for it being a very rare version that was only performed a
few times, this is off course not completely true, since the On The Run jam has
been performed on every DSOTM set from the beginning of 1972. What is true is
that it (being a jam) could be (slightly) different each night. -GERHARD

All tracks are audience recordings and mastered from vinyl (at one point during
AHM we even get a multiply-repeated passage due to a skip on the source disc!).
The sources given above are as stated on the packaging, and so may be incorrect
in places. Before OOTD Roger berates a section of the crowd who are standing and
obscuring the view of other audience members. - THE HEDONIST

Have you ever noticed that 4 different versions of this CD are circulating? But
don't worry too much: only the colour of the CD is different. And here are the

CD-colour CD-title on group-photo
---------------------------------------------------------------- 1. black yellow
bkgrnd black/white on orange bkgrnd 2. black pink bkgrnd black/white on
lightblue bkgrnd 3. pink blue bkgrnd pink on darkblue bkgrnd 4. pink lilac
bkgrnd pink on yellow bkgrnd

The sound quality is very good, but it sounds as though it were compiled from
various sources on vinyl because there is the occasional pop of a record. - ANON

CD Ref.: VFM 430318
CD Date: 1995


1. Corrosion info
2. Pink Blues info
3. Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Mason, Gilmour, Waters, Wright) info
4. Interstellar Overdrive (Barrett, Waters, Wright, Mason) info
5. Atom Heart Mother (Mason, Gilmour, Waters, Wright, Geesin) info
6. One Of These Days (Waters, Wright, Mason, Gilmour) info
7. Breathe (Waters, Gilmour, Wright) info
(Breathe/On The Run)
8. Obscured By Clouds info
9. Brain Damage (Waters) info
(Brain Damage/Eclipse)