Rarities through the years

N. CDs: 2
Bootleg Compilation


1.01. Flaming (Barrett) info
(alternate mix)
1.02. Scream Thy Last Scream info
1.03. Vegetable Man info
1.04. Nick's Boogie info
1.05. Oenone-Fingal's Cave info
1.06. Rain In The Country info
(take #1)
1.07. Country Song info
1.08. Rain In The Country info
(take #2)
1.09. Love Scene info
(version 6)
1.10. Love Scene info
(version 4)
1.11. Point Me At The Sky info
1.12. Money (Waters) info
1.13. (Medley) Brain Damage - Eclipse info
(quad mix)
1.14. Money (Waters) info
2.01. Shine on You Crazy Diamond I-V (Waters, Wright, Gilmour) info
(quad mix)
2.02. Welcome To The Machine info
(quad mix)
2.03. Have A Cigar info
(quad mix)
2.04. Wish You Were Here (Waters, Gilmour) info
(quad mix)
2.05. Shine on You Crazy Diamond VI-IX (Waters, Wright, Gilmour) info
(quad mix)
2.06. Pigs On The Wing info
2.07. Comfortably Numb (Gilmour, Waters) info
2.08. When The Tigers Broke Free (Waters) info
2.09. The hero's return info
2.10. Not now john info
(obscured version)
2.11. Terminal Frost info
(dyol version)
2.12. Welcome To The Machine info
(deff mix)


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Format: 2CD

Catalog: PF003079-1/2 BUNK ASHA

Date: 670111

Disc 1: PF0034079-1
Disc 2: PF0034079-2

Cover: Double digi-pack, with Jennifer Aniston topless on the center (!), between two parts of an Egyptian pharao picture. "Pink Floyd" in white hand-written letters (Wall-font), shadowed in pink, on the bottom. "Rarities through the years" on pink letters (Courier-font) on a white background. Inside there is a mosaical collage of famous Pink Floyd images: "The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn" cover, "A Saucerful Of Secrets" cover, "Ummagumma" Gilmour, "Atom Heart Mother" cow, "Relics" face with four eyes, "Wish You Were Here" handshake, "Animals" industry...

Sources: 11 Jan 1967- 1987 Disc 1: 1: Aug 1967, 3rd U.S. single 2, 3: Oct 1967, withdrawn 3rd U.K. single 4: 11 Jan 1967, Sound Techniques Studios, London 5-6: Dec 1969, Zabriskie Point recording session, Rome 7: 12 Dec 1969, Zabriskie Point recording session, Rome 8: 06 Dec 1969, Zabriskie Point recording session, Rome 9-10: 16 Nov 1969, Zabriskie Point recording session, Rome 11: Dec 1968, 5th U.K. single 12: 1971, Roger waters demo 13: Jun 1972, Abbey Road Studios, London 14: 1981, New Rodonia Studios Disc 2: 1-5, 12: 1975, Abbey Road Studios, London 6: 1976, Britannia Row Studios, complete version 7: 1978, David Gilmour demo 8: Jul 1982, single (from "The Wall" movie) 9-10: Apr 1983, single 11: 1987, regular album version

Disc: 1
1. Flaming (alternate mix) 2:46
2. Scream Thy Last Scream 4:37
3. Vegetable Man 2:28
4. Nick's Boogie 11:44
5. Oenone / Fingal's Cave 8:10
6. Rain In The Country 7:00
7. Country Song 4:38
8. Unknown Song 6:01
9. Love Scene (Version 6) 7:27
10. Love Scene (Version 4) 6:45
11. Point Me At The Sky 3:34
12. Money (demo) 1:41
13. Brain Damage / Eclipse (quad mix) 3:26
14. Money 6:41
Total Time: 77:00
Disc: 2
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts 1-5) (quad mix) 13:39
2. Welcome To The Machine (quad mix) 7:31
3. Have A Cigar (quad mix) 5:43
4. Wish You Were Here (quad mix) 5:07
5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts 6-9) (quad mix) 13:09
6. Pigs On The Wing (Parts 1 & 2) 3:34
7. Comfortably Numb (demo) 2:38
8. When The Tigers Broke Free 2:53
9. The Hero's Return (Parts 1 & 2) 3:54
10. Not Now John (obscured version) 4:25
11. Terminal Frost (dyol version) 5:58
12. Welcome To The Machine (deff mix) 7:27
Total Time: 76:00

Syd Barrett
Roger Waters
Nick Mason
David Gilmour
Rick Wright

Xref: A CD Full of Secrets
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Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1
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Total Eclipse - A Retrospective 1967-1993
From The Other Side
Wish You Were Here - Quad Mix And Deff Mix

Quality: Ex/Sup

Comments: Compilation of various outtakes and rare singles. The sound quality is excellent. The only problem is that, for some tracks, the first second is missing! I guess it happened during the mastering of the CDs, but it's very sad for these tracks ("Country Song", "Point Me At The Sky" and "The Hero's Return (Parts 1 & 2)").
"Flaming" is the U.S. single version ("alternate mix"). This mix is not so different from the regular one, just a little bit rough, and with some background sounds mixed louder. It's mono, and identical to the "A CD Full Of Secrets" (Westwood One promo sampler) version. Sup-
"Scream Thy Last Scream" was planned to be the third U.K. single, but was never officially released. The sound quality is amazing! Far better than on many X-refs ("Magnesium Proverbs" included). Stereo. Sup+
"Vegetable Man" was planned to be the B-side for the "Scream Thy Last Scream" single. However, it seems to have been taken from another source. The sound is mono, and a bit muffled (sound is clearer on the "Magnesium Proverbs" version). Ex-
"Nick's Boogie" is the same mono version that appears on the "Tonite Let's All Make Love In London" soundtrack. Sup
"Oenone / Fingal's Cave" and "Rain In The Country" are outtakes from the "Zabriskie Point" sessions in Rome. The source is exactly the same as for X-refs (stereo, with some vinyl crackles). VG+
The four next songs were directly dubbed from the 1997 release of the "Zabriskie Point" extended soundtrack. This is the first time that these new discovered versions appear on RoIO. Sadly, the first second of "Country Song" is missing!!! "Unknown Song" is listed as "Rain In The Country (take 2)". In fact, the "Rain In The Country" outtake and "Unknow Song" have the same basic track. But there are more overdubs on "Unknown Song" ("Rain In The Country" seems to be an unfinished version). These four tracks are, of course, in stereo. Sup
"Point Me At The Sky" is identical to the version that appears on the Westwood One promo sampler "A CD Full Of Secrets", where there's a little stereo separation (the version on "The Pink Floyd Early Singles" RoLO is mono). The only difference is the first second! Again, it's missing! Sup
The next track is the Roger Waters demo for "Money". He plays acoustic guitar and sings. The demo fades out early (there are only the first verses). This is the same version as on the X-refs (I don't think the complete demo can be found on another RoIO). Mono. Ex+
"Brain Damage / Eclipse" is a very interesting version. This was taken from the quad mix of "Dark Side Of The Moon", but the resulting track is mono! An additional guitar can be heard during the whole song. This is the same version as on "From The Other Side" and "Total Eclipse" RoIOs. This is NOT the stereo "alternate mix" that appears on the "Works" compilation. And this is not the "Live At Pompeii" version (cut with interviews), although there are similarities. Ex
The last track of Disc 1 is the re-recorded version of "Money", released in late 1981 as a single, and in 1982 on "A Collection Of Great Dance Songs" compilation. Stereo. Sup
The five first tracks from Disc 2 are in fact the "quad mix" of the "Wish You Were Here" album. They are in stereo, and are the two front channels of the quadraphonic release of the album. One can find these tracks on Disc 1 of another RoIO: "Wish You Were Here - Quad Mix And Deff Mix". So I guess it's from the eight track cartridge release. Sound is a bit muffled, and some tape hiss can be heard. These versions are interesting, because some backing vocals and background noises doesn't appear (they were on the rear channels in the quadraphonic mix), so you can hear the lead vocals and solos very well. On the other hand, there are some background noises that can't be found on the regular stereo album (helicopter at the beginning of "Welcome To The Machine"...). Ex
"Pigs On The Wing" is the complete version, uncut. Between the first part and the second part, there's a guitar solo by Snowy White. This solo was cut for the regular release of the "Animals" album, because of the split in two different parts. I think this version comes from the eight track cartridge release of "Animals". Sadly, there are some tape speed variation problems that affect the "clear" sound of the acoustic guitar. A much better sounding version can be found on the official release of Snowy White's "Goldtop" album (1995). Stereo. Ex+
"Comfortably Numb" is the demo version, recorded by David Gilmour somewhere in 1978. There are no lyrics yet, Gilmour only sings "tuduu-tuduu-tuduu-luu-luu". And this is only the "There is no pain..." part (the other verses on the "Wall" version came from Waters). Mono. Ex+
"When The Tigers Broke Free" was released as a single, in 1982 (the year of the "Wall" movie release). This version is in perfect stereo, and sounds exactly like a copy of the "A CD Full Of Secrets" Westwood One promo sampler. Sup
"The Hero's Return (Parts 1 & 2)" was the B-side for the "Not Now John" single. The first part is the album version, and the second part seems to be a demo. This track is very rare on RoIO CD. The only problem here is that the first second is missing again! Apart from that, the sound is perfect (no vinyl crackles). Stereo. Sup
"Not Now John (obscured version)" is in fact the single version. The only difference between this version and the album version is the changing of "F*ck all that..." into "STOP all that...". It was probably dubbed from the "CD Full Of Secrets" Westwood One promo sampler. Stereo. Sup
"Terminal Frost (dyol version)" can be found on the "Learning To Fly" CD single (BTW, it was the first CD single ever released!). It was supposed to be the "Do Your Own Lead" version (lead guitar had to be removed from the mix). But there was a mistake during the mastering of the CD single, and this "dyol version" is in fact identical to the regular album version! This can explain why the track is listed as the "dyol version", although there's no difference at all with the "Momentary Lapse Of Reason" version! Stereo. Sup
The last track is the "deff mix" of "Welcome To The Machine" (mix of the two rear channels from the quadraphonic release of the "Wish You Were Here" album). So if you have two hi-fi systems playing this song at the same time, one with the "quad mix" and the other with the "deff mix", you'll have an idea of the quadraphonic version of the song (but I think it's practically impossible to synchronize perfectly the two CD players!). Stereo. Ex
I'm happy to have these CDs, especially for the two rare demos ("Money" and "Comfortably Numb"), and some interesting singles ("When The Tigers Broke Free", "Not Now John", "The Hero's Return"...). But some tracks are pretty easy to find elsewhere ("Nick's Boogie", the 1997 "Zabriskie Point" songs, the re-recorded "Money", "Terminal Frost"...). And the CD mastering has lost the 1st second for three songs! I think the interesting tracks could fit on one CD. - MARC-OLIVIER.
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