Is There Anybody Out There

The upcoming Pink Floyd live album will include two songs left off the original release of "The Wall."
When the upcoming album, "Is There Anybody Out There," was first announced, EMI Records said the disc would include new, previously unreleased music. Billboard magazine now reports that the two songs in question are "What Shall We Do Now?" and "The Last Few Bricks."
Cliff Jones encyclopedic book "Echoes: The Stories Behind Every Pink Floyd Song" contains no reference to either track.
The album, which arrives in stores in February, was recorded during 1980 and 1981 as the group was promoting "The Wall" album. "Is There Anybody Out There" will include the two new songs alongside the original 26 tracks, and will be housed in elaborate packaging from longtime Floyd associate Storm Thorgerson

CD Ref.: EMI 7243 5 23562 2 5
CD Date: 2000
N. CDs: 2


1.01. Mc Atmos (Waters) info
1.02. In The Flesh (Waters) info
1.03. The Thin Ice (Waters) info
1.04. Another Brick In The Wall, Part I (Waters) info
1.05. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives (Waters) info
1.06. Another Brick In The Wall, Part II (Waters) info
1.07. Mother (Waters) info
1.08. Goodbye Blue Sky (Waters) info
1.09. Empty Spaces (Waters) info
1.10. What Shall We Do Now? (Waters) info
1.11. Young Lust (Waters, Gilmour) info
1.12. One Of My Turns (Waters) info
1.13. Don't Leave Me Now (Waters) info
1.14. Another Brick In The Wall, Part III (Waters) info
1.15. The Last Few Bricks (Waters) info
1.16. Goodbye Cruel World (Waters) info
2.01. Hey You (Waters) info
2.02. Is there anybody out there? (Waters) info
2.03. Nobody Home (Waters) info
2.04. Vera (Waters) info
2.05. Bring the Boys Back Home (Waters) info
2.06. Comfortably Numb (Gilmour, Waters) info
2.07. The Show Must Go On (Waters) info
2.08. Mc Atmos (Waters) info
2.09. In The Flesh (Waters) info
2.10. Run Like Hell (Gilmour, Waters) info
2.11. Waiting For The Worms (Waters) info
2.12. Stop (Waters) info
2.13. The Trial (Waters, Ezrin) info
2.14. Outside The Wall (Waters) info


Release date: April 18th, 2000

Recorded at: Earl's Court, London (performances from 07/02/1980 to 06/17/1981)
EMI/Capitol released two versions of The Wall Live: a double jewel box version with two 28-page booklets, and a deluxe six-by-eleven-inch edition with a single 50-page booklet. The package was designed by longtime Pink Floyd graphic artist Storm Thorgerson.
Another veteran member of the Pink Floyd team, engineer James Guthrie, compiled and mixed the album, which draws performances from the seven Wall converts that were preserved on tape. Along with live versions of all the songs on the studio album, the set also brings to light some tracks never before released on audio disc. These include two tracks titled "MC/Atmos" (short for "Master of Ceremonies/Atmosphere"), which consist of spoken-word segments and other extra-musical elements from the elaborate stage production, and a performance of "What Do We Do Now?" a song that was dropped from the studio album at the last minute but included in the film version of The Wall.
In addition, the album included, for the first time in any recorded format, "The Last Few Bricks," and instrumental piece that occurs toward the end of the first disc, between "Another Brick in the Wall, Part 3" and "Goodbye Cruel World." The piece is a medley containing elements of songs heard in the first part of the show - including "Empty Space", "Young Lust" and "Another Brick in the Wall" parts 1 and 2 - and was inserted into the show to allow stage-hands time to complete construction of the massive cardboard brick wall that was a main feature of the performances. The medley never had an official title. It's name was suggested to Guthrie by Roger Waters, who also listened to Guthrie's mixes and gave his approval.
Roger Waters: "The tapes have been gathering dust in boxes for some 20 year, so I guess it's legitimate to at least get them in a form where they won't disappear forever. Because there are people in the world, I am sure, who would be interested in live recordings of those shows."


  1. Master of Ceremonies (Waters) [01:13]
  2. In the Flesh? (Waters) [03:00]
  3. The Thin Ice (Waters) [02:49]
  4. Another Brick in the Wall part.I (Waters) [04:12]
  5. The Happiest Days of Our Lives (Waters) [01:39]
  6. Another Brick in the Wall part.II (Waters) [06:19]
  7. Mother (Waters) [07:54]
  8. Goodbye Blue Sky (Waters) [03:14]
  9. Empty Spaces (Waters) [02:14]
  10. What Shall We Do Now? (Waters) [01:40]
  11. Young Lust (Waters, Gilmour) [05:16]
  12. One of my Turns (Waters) [03:41]
  13. Don't Leave Me Now (Waters) [04:07]
  14. Another Brick in the Wall part.III (Waters) [01:15]
  15. The Last Few Bricks (Waters) [04:25]
  16. Goodbye Cruel Word (Waters) [01:41]
  17. Hey You (Waters) [04:55]
  18. Is There Anybody Out There? (Waters) [03:09]
  19. Nobody Home (Waters) [03:15]
  20. Vera (Waters) [01:27]
  21. Bring the Boys Back Home (Waters) [01:20]
  22. Comfortably Numb (Gilmour, Waters) [07:26]
  23. The Show Must Go On (Waters) [02:34]
  24. Master of Ceremonies (Waters) [00:37]
  25. In the Flesh (Waters) [04:22]
  26. Run Like Hell (Gilmour, Waters) [07:05]
  27. Waiting for the Worms (Waters) [04:13]
  28. Stop (Waters) [00:32]
  29. The Trial (Waters, Ezrin) [06:01]
  30. Outside the Wall (Waters) [04:28]

Total Playing Time: 105'03

Musicians Featured:
David Gilmour: Vocals, Guitars
Nick Mason: Drums
Roger Waters: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Rick Wright: Keyboards, Vocal