CD Ref.: Digital Floyd Project
CD Date: 1998
N. CDs: 1
Live Bootleg


1. Fat Old Sun (Gilmour) info
2. One Of These Days (Waters, Wright, Mason, Gilmour) info
3. Echoes (Waters, Wright, Mason, Gilmour) info


Aquí va otro más de los Pink Floyd y van.......

Es otro concierto celebrado en Londres el 30-09-71, si bien en el disco
aparece otra fechas ? Yas estareis acostrumbrado a estas cosas con los discos
de los Pinkys

Os mando unas referencias encontradas por ahí con algunos comentarios
que os pueden dar una idea del disco.

(Lo he traducido al inglés para que sea más internacional) ;-)

Sources: 30 Sep 1971, (most likely) Disc says Oct 12, 1971


1. Fat Old Sun 14:13
2. One Of These Days 6:52
3. Echoes 26:18

Roger Waters
Rick Wright
Nick Mason
David Gilmour

Comments: Swingin' Pig Records has been bought out by another company called Oil
Well. -DAN

Excellent sound quality. Very good performance, especially on Fat Old Sun and
Echoes. Fat Old Sun is the extended version, with an extra verse sung before the
jam. The only fault with this title is that it is short (3 songs, 46min) and is
not the complete performance (Embryo and Blues were also played but are not
included). This is a recommended title. -Scott

I believe that OoTD and Echoes are the same as on LONDONFIELDS or the John Peel
Show while FOS is from some other concert. I think I am right because I have
Londonfields and the songs sound identical to me. Please respond to this. This
is a great disc, it's a shame that Embryo and Blues aren't on it however.