Caught In The Crossfire

CD Ref.: NZCD 89017 Neutral Zone
CD Date: 1989
N. CDs: 1
Live Bootleg


1. Shine on You Crazy Diamond I-V (Waters, Wright, Gilmour) info
2. Welcome To The Machine info
3. Have A Cigar info
4. Wish You Were Here (Waters, Gilmour) info
5. Shine on You Crazy Diamond VI-IX (Waters, Wright, Gilmour) info
6. Fat Old Sun (Gilmour) info
London, 1971


Caught In The Crossfire
Format: CD
Catalog: NZCD 89017 Neutral Zone
Produced: (p) 1989 Made In Korea
Date: 770702
Cover: Cover is a full colour montage of PF action shots, back has a strange graphics that defies description. -BD (#23)
Sources: 02 Jul 1977, Madison Square Garden, New York, (tracks 1-5) London, 1971 (track 6)
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts 1-5 13:47
2. Welcome To The Machine 8:26
3. Have Cigar 6:14
4. Wish You Were here 6:23
5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts 6-9 18:57
6. Fat Old Sun 14:04
Total: 67:53
Roger Waters*
David Gilmour*
Rick Wright*
Nick Mason*
Snowy White*
Dick Perry*
Comments: Tricky to find now, this is taken from New York 2.7.77, a very nice quality audience tape and track 6 from the much used (and sometimes abused!) BBC sessions, this from 1971. A very nice 1977 CD to have and presently very little competition for this era. -BD (#23)
Recording quality: Ex+ Musical quality: Sup+++ Very beautiful keyboard coda of WYWH into SOYCD 6-9; excellent version Singing quality: FALSE! It's absolutely horrible If this concert had been totally instrumental, it would have been my definite number-1 RoIO ! I still like it, but those voices... Yuck -PIET
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